Youth League – Mon. or Wed.

Average Joes Archery’s youth league program is designed as an educational league where kids can learn from both staff and their peers.  Youth leagues are offered on Monday or Wednesday evenings and run for 10 weeks.  Kids shoot a 360 round which consists of 60 scoring arrows with 10 practice arrows.  The round is broken up into 3 games which gives beginners ample time to rest during their round.  The rounds are scored and handicapped to help all skill levels and ages compete.  Children ages 7 to 16 and all abilities are welcome.  Equipment is available for rent at a discount rate for those participating in the league.  A league party and fun shoot is provided at the end of each league were shooters are given awards for participation. The 360 round consists of 60 scoring arrows which are broken into 20 arrow games.  There are 4 ends of 5 arrows each per game.  The participants are given 2 ends of 5 arrows each for warm ups before there round begins.  The round takes 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on ability. Equipment required is a bow and 5 arrows.  The bow can be compound, recurve, or long bow.  Bows should be inspected by staff before use for safety.  If there are enough participants classes will be divided by equipment.

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All youth league shooters must have a youth waiver on file.

Youth League Season – $80.00
Equipment Rental –
Weekly – $5.00
Season  – $40.00

We run leagues each quarter (Starting in January, April, July and October). This league is limited to 90 participants per season.

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