Monday & Wednesday’s – Youth League (10 weeks, $80 for Spot League, $100 for Combo League) Purchase
Adult 360 Spot Target League ($125.00 for 12 weeks) Purchase
Thursday’s – Individual 3D Bowhunters League ($125.00 for 12 weeks) Purchase
Friday’s – Team 3D Bowhunters League ($100.00 each for 12 weeks) Purchase
TechnoHUNT League ($100.00 for 10 weeks) Purchase

All leagues start at 5pm (except for Intro To Archery). Includes banquet party at the end of each league. You can sign-up over the phone @ 763-208-5717 or with the purchase links above.

  • We run leagues each quarter (starting in January, April, July, and October).

View current league scores online: Monday Youth League Wednesday Youth League Adult 360 League